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Hello, I’m Vivek Gohil

A witty, content, passionate, motivated type

Blogger | Streamer

Gaming Accessibility Consultant

Freelance Writer 


Twitch | YouTube | MixerTwitter 

My posts mostly focus on my lifestyle, views & experiences of working with Microsoft & Sony on accessible gaming, testing assistive technology, comic books, mental health or disability representation.

I’ve been a wheelchair user for 20 years, it’s been pretty sweet transcending the method of mobility called walking.

Gaming has always been a huge passion of mine since Super Mario World.

3 years ago I thought I would never be able to play video games again. This was just the beginning of my accessibility adventure…

I live with the bleeding disorder Haemophilia & Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a degenerative muscle-wasting condition.

Over the years I’ve dramatically lost muscle function. I have extremely limited leg, arm, neck, hand function, respiratory failure so I need to use a ventilator most of the day & I have to manage chronic fatigue.

Fun Fact: I’m the only person in England to have both conditions.

Both conditions are genetic. Haemophilia: My blood is deficient of Factor VIII which is necessary for the clotting process to begin. Duchenne: is caused by the lack of the enzyme Dystrophin necessary to build or repair damaged muscles.

Find my published articles here –  Eurogamer

You can find me featured in these articles –  Wired UK | Eurogamer

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