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Welcome to the World of Vivek Gohil


Gaming Accessibility Consultant, Freelance Writer at Eurogamer, Content Creator and Speaker.

This blog focuses on my Lifestyle, Opinions, Accessible Gaming, Working with Game Developers, Microsoft & Sony, Advocacy, Testing Assistive Technology, Comic Books, Mental Health or Disability Representation.

I’m 31 and live with the degenerative muscle-wasting condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy & the bleeding disorder Haemophilia.

I’ve been a wheelchair user for 20 years, it’s been pretty sweet transcending the method of mobility called walking. Over the years I’ve dramatically lost muscle function, I’m now only left with limited hand and finger movement, flexibility and strength. The weakness has affected my respiratory function so I have to use a ventilator practically all day & night to mechanically inflate my lungs. I constantly have to manage my energy levels so I am only able to enjoy activities or continue working for limited periods of up to 5 hours without seriously feeling fatigued.

Gaming has always been a huge passion of mine since playing Super Mario World on the SNES. However, I definitely became a gamer for life due to Halo Combat Evolved on the original Xbox.

I enjoy being fully immersed in games with strong narratives, expert world-building, thought-provoking choices and beautiful graphics. Games such as The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mass Effect Trilogy.

6 years ago I thought I would never be able to play video games again. This was just the beginning of my accessibility adventure…

Since then I have worked with Xbox to test the Xbox Adaptive Controller before launch, attended a Design Sprint by the game developer WeArePlayground, worked with a few indie studios, written 12 articles for Eurogamer, spoken at the GA Conf 2021 EU to spread awareness of my gaming perspective and started a gaming accessibility review YouTube channel.

To be honest, I’m just getting started…

Click Here for my Eurogamer Articles

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