Delivering Post, Apocalypse

The Post-Apocalyptic game genre has recently bloomed, releasing the delightful bounty of Far Cry: New Dawn, Metro: Exodus, Days Gone & the soon to be released Rage 2 & Borderlands 3. These examples of games set in the aftermath of an Apocalypse suggest that the world will either be: Slathered in pink, neon, vivid colours, […]

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Review: Logitech Gaming Mice

Can you imagine a world without access to the Internet, Social Media or YouTube? Well, for many disabled people computers can be inaccessible due to keyboard and mice design or from the lack of alternatives available. Writing from a personal perspective, I was forced into the tough task of transitioning from a Laptop trackpad to […]

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Mental Health: the Game Gris

Spoiler Alert: for the game Gris Welcoming in the New Year has always been a contemplative time for me. Time to take stock of everything I’ve read, watched, done, played & heard in 2018. So I’m going to be speaking about Mental Health, in various forms of media from games to comic books. 2018 has […]

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Exploration of Accessible Gaming

   Click Here for the abridged version of this article in Disability Horizons The gaming industry recently is going through positive changes becoming much more inclusive for gamers with various abilities. 30% of gamers have a disability so companies cannot afford to alienate that valuable user-base. The awareness and application of accessibility has grown exponentially, […]

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