My New Wheelchair Holder for a Surface Pro 6

Alt-text: Front view of my new Surface Pro 6 holder wheelchair attachment
Alt-text: Front view of my wheelchair attachment holding  my Surface Pro 6

In preparation for attending my 2nd #GAConfEU in London on Monday (Oct 21st). I’ve upgraded my #accessibility & #independence to access #technology.

I finally found the best attachment method to securely hold my #Microsoft Surface Pro 6 on my wheelchair when away from home. The purpose of this arm is to allow me to tweet or use Instagram (because of the in-built camera) during conferences, to stay connected to the conversation on social media. The touch feature of the Surface allows my PA to also tap / type on the screen for me.

Alt-text: Front and side view of my new wheelchair attachment holding my Surface Pro 6 

You may be wondering how I would control the laptop, I’ll have a lap tray which would hold my #Logitech G903 wireless mouse. I would not be able to use the laptop when driving around but it’s perfect for when I’m stationary during a lecture etc or to read my notes.

It’s been quite a challenging task to design an attachment method that allows for quick & easy attachment / detachment so it could be easily carried around in my bag when not in use.

Attachment details 👇👇👇

  • Initially, I was using a gooseneck arm as a holder but that wasn’t strong or secure enough. Also, the gooseneck stuck out of the side of my wheelchair meaning that I could easily hit it on a door frame.
  • I already had a few #RAMMount attachments laying around which are usually used to secure gaming switches onto a wheelchair. These mounts don’t stick out of the side of my wheelchair as they extend parallel under my armrest.
  • The actual holder part was bought on Amazon, nothing too fancy but with a good strong grip.
  • The metal bar attachment (designed by ReMap) under the wheelchair armrest is actually where my wheelchair table slots in. When not in use this bar can slide back completely hidden under the armrest.

Video version 👇👇👇

Alt-text: Video demonstrating my new wheelchair attachment holding my Microsoft Surface Pro 6 

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