Vivek is the name, 25 is my age & Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) & Haemophilia are the diseases I have. These defining factors could describe my identity but identity is transient and changes due to evolutionary life experiences.

My identity has grown over the years, this blog is only the beginning of my journey to explore it. I have found peace and contentment with my situation, the illnesses I live with have helped me to accept what I can do. I now do not feel disabled, I’ve found that if you change your mental world your physical world changes too.

I would like to think that my faith has helped me reach this stage. I am not a religious person in the traditional sense, but I’d say I’m a spiritual person. I believe that god is just the energy around us and everything has a reason.

My identity is tied in with Muscular Dystrophy UK as I am a Trailblazer fighting for disability rights and an Advocacy Ambassador who advises cases regarding MD.

My future posts will explore certain topics in more detail or to create awareness of DMD to show the day-to-day issues we face.

Thank you for following me on my journey!

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