Muscle Ambassador – Inspiring Herts Finalist

On the 7th June, I was invited by Michael McGrath to attend the prestigious 2018 Inspiring Herts award ceremony as the Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) was shortlisted as finalists in the Family Business category.

It was a black-tie event held in the beautiful St Albans Cathedral, the mix of traditional ancient features and modern technology was exquisite. St Albans Cathedral has fascinating Medieval wall paintings & Nave Statues. During the evening coloured lights spun around the ceiling, linking in with the gorgeous stained-glass Rose Window.

Even though we didn’t win the Family Business award (we will win next year) it was such a great night getting to meet more passionate members of the MHF family – Sarah Lowther & Gemma McGrath.


It was the first time that I could use my Muscle Ambassador business cards, so I wanted them to be easily accessible rather than hidden in my bag. The solution was to place them under the MHF wristband positioned on my left armrest!


This was the second event which required the rental of a tuxedo, bow-tie, shiny black shoes & a burgundy pocket square (matching the MHF colour). I had already visited Farley’s Wedding Suit Hire shop in Oadby, so I rented the same tuxedo making it much easier. The shop is wheelchair accessible with very helpful staff. Getting a suit jacket fitted is fairly difficult for me whilst sitting in a wheelchair as I struggle to put a jacket on at home due to having stiff shoulders & I can only try the suit trousers at home.

I look forward to the next Muscle Help Foundation event – the annual Porsche Muscle Dream Programme at Silverstone.

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